The Future of Commercial UAVs
Experience unmatched performance capabilities with the latest generation of UAVs engineered to establish a new benchmark in the commercial drone sector. Equipped with various payloads to deliver peak performance, the AEE Mach drone series effortlessly navigates any mission challenge, making it an essential tool for industries that demand swift deployment, unparalleled data precision, and extended flight endurance.


The Ultimate UAV Solution

When quick deployment, nighttime visibility, and data integrity are critical to mission success, the Mach4 V2 is the only solution.
The AEE Mach4™ V2 represents the evolution of drone technology, with specialized payloads engineered to support emergency response, public safety, and inspection missions. Featuring a fast setup and compactable design, the Mach4 V2 delivers both power and portability designed to perform in critical situations, even under the most challenging of conditions. The Mach4 TF-1 Tethered Flare integrated lighting system utilizes 80,000 lumens of brightness with continuous power and a tether length of 150 feet, making it a go-to drone for first responders who need a powerful and portable tool that can quickly and effectively assess a situation.
Mach4 V2 Quadcopter
See the Unseen with AEE Tethered Flare™ TF-1 Tether System with Lights
The TF-1 Tether System with Lights provides continuous power flying and even-level, wide-area illumination to eliminate shadows and provide optimal visibility, even in the darkest of nights. With 80,000 lumens of brightness, the lighting system is powerful enough to illuminate an entire football field, making it an ideal tool for increasing situational awareness and critical visibility for night time incidents.
Payloads Designed to Protect and Serve
When seconds matter, the Mach4 V2’s portability and quick deployment capabilities make it an invaluable resource for search and rescue operations. With a 3-mile range and 40-minute flight time, the Mach4 V2 provides responders with specialized payloads designed to quickly assess a situation and make informed decisions, ultimately saving lives, protecting property, and improving response times.
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Mach4 V2 Quadcopter


  • 40 Minute Flight Time
  • AEE Tethered Flare TF-1 Tether System with Lights
    • 24-hour continuous flying when connected to external power
    • Compatible with Mach4V2B
    • 150ft length tether
    • Integrated lighting system with 80,000 lumens of brightness
  • Point-to-Point Data Integrity
  • 3-mile Range
  • 2TB GSC
  • Fast Setup and Collapsible Design
  • Harden ABS Case
  • Smart Ehook with Remote Release
  • ATTI/GPS Mode
  • Programmable Way Points


The Hexcopter with Heavy Lift Multi-Payload Functionality

With its collapsible design, the Mach6 can be quickly transported and deployed anywhere, making it an indispensable tool for any mission where time and efficiency matter.
Discover the unparalleled capabilities of the AEE Mach6™, the next generation UAV that sets a new standard in the commercial drone industry. Featuring incredible heavy-lift capabilities and an exceptional flight time, the Mach6 comes equipped with dual RTK antennas that deliver unprecedented mapping accuracy, making it the perfect tool for mapping, surveying, and public safety operations. Expertly engineered payloads include a Remote Spotlight, DATF Dual Thermal RGB with AEE Night Color™, and a new High Zoom payload, all designed to address the critical needs of professional drone pilots and first responders.
Mach6 Hexacopter
RTK Positioning for Unparalleled Accuracy
Dual RTK antennas allow the Mach6 to achieve unprecedented accuracy while mapping, surveying, and supporting public safety missions, giving decision-makers quick access to the data and details they need to make intelligent, informed decisions. Quickly capture and deliver highly detailed maps of terrain, ensuring every inch of the surveyed area is accurately represented.
Easily Handle Any Mission with Multiple Payload Capability
The Mach6 provides the flexibility and flight endurance necessary to handle any mission at any time. With the ability to simultaneously carry up to three payloads for 50 minutes of flight time, the Mach6 makes it easy for operators to make rapid adjustments, quickly adapt to changing conditions, and customize the payload setup according to the specific needs of the mission
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Mach6 Hexacopter


  • 50 Minute Flight Time
  • Up to 7-Mile Range
  • Point-to-Point Data Integrity
  • Hexcopter for Stable, All-Weather Flying
  • Carry Up to 3 Payloads Simultaneously (13.2 lbs)-(max structural capacity is 30 lbs for 30 mins)
  • Smart Battery System
  • Millimeter Radar for Collision Avoidance
  • 2TB GSC

AEE MACH Series Payloads
for Ultimate Performance

DATF Dual Thermal and RGB with AEE Night Color™
  • Dual Payload Thermal Camera with High
  • Thermal 640×480 25HZ with RGB Dual Fusion
  • Multi-Point Temperature Reading (radiometric)
  • 4x Zoom
  • Uses AEE’s fast connect Smart ACCY Shoe (SAS)
  • Remote drop system
  • Carries up to 13.2 lbs
Super Thunderhorn is only for Mach 6
Thunderhorn System
  • Uses AEE’s fast connect Smart ACCY Shoe (SAS) 
  • Ultra loud megaphone payload 
  • 5-mile range | 1 mile sound effective range 
  • Comes with radio for live announcements
DAR1 Remote Spotlight
  • Uses AEE’s fast connect Smart ACCY Shoe (SAS)
  • 6,000 Lumen Brightness
  • Remote control operation from Y12 remote
  • Allows tilt +/- 30 degrees
  • On/Off/Pulse


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