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Meet the Teledyne FLIR SIRAS
The SIRAS stands as the ultimate UAV for missions demanding a swift response, boasting a one-minute flight activation time from turn-on while simultaneously providing best-in-class imagery, ensuring mission flexibility, safeguarding data integrity, and seamlessly integrating with leading photogrammetry applications.
The SIRAS delivers an unmatched experience for professional UAV pilots, providing swift and responsive flight capabilities just one minute after powering on the aircraft. This remarkable feature allows pilots to act promptly in critical situations, ensuring no wasted time when fulfilling mission objectives. Featuring an interchangeable payload system, the SIRAS offers versatility to excel across various industries and use cases, becoming an indispensable tool for any flight mission. Whether it’s capturing high-quality imagery for inspections, providing support in firefighting efforts, or aiding law enforcement operations, the multifunctional capabilities of the SIRAS make it a true game-changer, revolutionizing the way pilots utilize UAV technology.

Experience the next level of convenience, safety, and endurance with the

See More. Do More.

The upgraded dual thermal and visible cameras integrated into SIRAS offer an unparalleled perspective, allowing you to have a comprehensive view of the environment from above. With the quick-connect Vue® TV128 payload, powered by the proprietary MSX® technology, you gain real-time access to crucial information. MSX® combines thermal images with visible-light outlines, providing valuable insights at the moment you need them most. The 128x zoom on the 16MP visible camera ensures that even the finest details are captured sharply and accurately.

The inclusion of a radiometric, 640x512-pixel FLIR Boson® camera enhances the drone's capabilities even further. Delivering crystal-clear thermal images, the FLIR Boson® comes with a 5x digital zoom feature and precise temperature measurement, enabling you to analyze thermal data with exceptional accuracy. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with FLIR Thermal StudioTM analysis software, ensuring you have all the tools you need for in-depth data evaluation.

Perform Aerial Operations with Enhanced Data Security

SIRAS places data security at the forefront of its design. This advanced UAV prioritizes safeguarding your data by eliminating cloud connectivity, with all imagery stored on an internal microSD card, ensuring that sensitive information remains under your direct control.

Unlike many other drones, SIRAS doesn't require pilots to create online profiles, significantly enhancing usability and reducing the risk of inadvertent online data breaches. By doing so, it strengthens the chain of custody for the data, providing an added layer of protection to ensure that critical information remains secure throughout the mission.

Fly Missions Safely at Any Moment

Experience the freedom of unrestricted flight as you take to the air within a minute of powering on, without any geofencing limitations. Extend flight sessions with hot-swappable batteries, providing up to 31 minutes of continuous operation. Stay connected even in challenging environments, with dual band 2.4/5.8 GHz technology. Feel confident throughout the entire flight with radar-based front collision avoidance, offering reliable object detection both day and night.



The SIRAS redefines what it means to fly a drone, offering unmatched convenience, safety, and performance. Whether you’re engaged in industrial inspections, search and rescue operations, or law enforcement missions, the SIRAS is the ultimate UAV that empowers you to tackle any flight mission with confidence and efficiency.


Ingress Protection: IP 54
Maximum Ascent Speed: 13.4 mph (6 m/sec )
Maximum Descent Speed: 9 mph (4 m/sec)
Maximum Ground Speed: 40 mph (18 m/sec)
Operating Environment: 10 °F to 104 °F ( – 10°C to 40°C)
Take Off Readiness: 1 min after power ON
Wind Resistance: 22.4 mph (10 m/s)
Battery Power: 6,000 mAh
Charging Time: 45 min
Hot Swappable Batteries: Yes
Maximum Flight Time: 31 min (rated)
Maximum Hovering Time: 28 min (rated)
Operating Distance: 6 miles (9 km)
Operating Frequency: Dual Ban: 2.4 GHz / 5.8 GHz
Transmission Quality: 1080P, 30 fps
Internal Storage: Formatted 64 GB micro SD (provided with aircraft)
SD Storage: 1 GB


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