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Brighten your drone operations
Best in Class Lighting
Illuminate your missions like never before with CZI's exceptional range of lighting payloads for drones.
Whether you’re conducting search and rescue operations, nighttime inspections, or creative cinematography, our powerful spotlights are designed to provide unparalleled visibility in even the most challenging environments. Equip your fleet with the cutting-edge technology it needs to excel in low-light conditions and capture every detail with precision.

Mission Critical Performance

CZI lighting payloads are engineered to deliver superior performance and reliability.

With advanced optics and adjustable brightness levels, you have full control over the intensity and focus of the illumination. Illuminate vast areas with clarity and precision, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed during critical operations. From enhancing safety and security to improving data capture quality, our spotlights empower you to accomplish your missions with confidence.

Experience the versatility and effectiveness of CZI’s lighting payloads. Our solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with your drone fleet, allowing for easy installation and operation. Whether you’re navigating complex terrains, conducting inspections in dimly lit areas, or capturing breathtaking visuals after sunset, our lighting payloads are the perfect companion to amplify your drone’s capabilities.

CZI lighting systems are compatible with both the DJI M30 Series and DJI M350 RTK.


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