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Mission Built & American Made
Inspired Flight
Leading the UAV industry with mission-built and American-made drones. Inspired Flight drones are NDAA compliant as well as Blue sUAS certified, demonstrating superior quality and adaptability for military and commercial applications.
Explore unmatched flight duration and payload capabilities with the Inspired Flight UAS series, engineered to be rugged workhorses for critical operations that demand versatility. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges facing commercial operators, Inspired Flight vehicles are built for the pilot in the field, providing the payload capacity, flight time, and power to complete mission objectives while vastly improving the operational efficiency and bottom line.

Discover how efficiency meets versatility with Inspired Flight.

Effortless Payload Integration

Inspired Flight UAVsfeature an interoperable payload interface that allows for effortless integration of specialized equipment, including lidar scanners, high-resolution cameras, and state-of-the-art thermal imaging devices. Through this innovative feature, Inspired Flight UAVs empower you to broaden your scope and excel across diverse applications while efficiently handling any mission challenge.

Remote ID Ingenuity

With a strong emphasis on transparency and accountability, Inspired Flight drones are integrated with state-of-the-art remote ID technology. This forward-looking inclusion serves a dual purpose: to uphold regulatory compliance and to establish a foundation for secure operations within the ever-changing landscape of drone technology.

NDAA Compliant

The Inspired Flight UAS fleet is proudly NDAA compliant, showcasing a commitment to providing the highest-quality drones for government and military purposes. With design and performance engineered to thrive in the most challenging environments, Inspired Flight addresses the unique needs and complexities inherent in security, surveillance, and defense operations.

Mission-ready for Multiple Applications

Improve your in-field efficiency with an Inspired Flight UAS meticulously engineered to integrate into various applications spanning multiple industries. Every Inspired Flight UAS is purpose-built to be readily adaptable for different applications, streamlining your workflow and maximizing your productivity across any mission.


Bolster law enforcement and security agencies with aerial surveillance, disaster response, and crime scene investigation capabilities. Provide invaluable situational awareness, assisting officers in making informed decisions while minimizing risk.


Amplify search and rescue efforts with sweeping aerial coverage, real-time situational awareness, and swift deployment to remote locations. Expedite search operations and locating victims, even in the most challenging environments.


Capture aerial imagery and photogrammetry to create intricate 3D models for applications such as construction site planning, geological surveys, and environmental monitoring.


Safeguard critical infrastructure with aerial assessments of power lines, wind turbines, bridges, and other industrial essentials. Mitigate risk, reduce costs, and streamline inspections for industries such as electric, utilities, and oil and gas.


  • 40 min. flight time with 1.5 kg
  • 3 kg Max Payload weight
  • 51 mph top speed
  • Dual hot swappable smart batteries with easy slide installation
  • 30 degree upward-angle shooting
  • FPV camera
  • NDAA compliant
  • Featured Payloads (not included)
    • Sony A7R + 35MM Lens
    • Workswell Enterprise

IF800 Tomcat Quadcopter

Portable, Dependable, and Easily Deployable

The Inspired Flight IF800 Tomcat Quadcopter features a lightweight, compact, and foldable frame, enabling easy transportation and deployment in various environments. The drone comes with a specially designed case that offers ample space for batteries and payload, ensuring convenience and protection during transit. With an array of advanced features that cater to diverse professional applications, including high-resolution aerial photogrammetry, surveying, search and rescue, and infrastructure inspection, the IF800 Tomcat is a reliable and adaptable tool for professionals needing cutting-edge aerial capabilities.

Extraordinary Flight Time and Capacity

With an impressive flight time of 40 minutes and a payload capacity of 3.3 lbs (max payload 6.6 lbs), the medium-lift IF800 Tomcat maximizes operational efficiency and productivity. Its dual hot swappable smart batteries enable uninterrupted flight operations, while the easy slide installation ensures minimal downtime during battery swaps.

Unwavering Commitment to National Security

A significant advancement in both performance and compliance, the IF800 Tomcat emerges as a compelling alternative to non-US manufactured drones. Its cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment to national security make it a trusted drone solution for commercial and government agencies, ensuring the safeguard of sensitive data and enhancing operational efficiency.
Inspired Flight manufactures all of their systems, including the IF800 Tomcat, without reliance on foreign technologies that are prohibited by the U.S. National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

IF1200A Hexacopter

Industry Leading Flight Time & Payload Capacity

Designed and manufactured in the USA, the IF1200A is ideal for the most demanding applications such as utility inspections, lidar mapping, aerial photogrammetry, emergency response, and more. The heaviest-lift aircraft in the Inspired Flight series, the IF1200A is capable of a wide range of payload configurations to accomplish the job efficiently with maximum flight time and payload capacity.

Fully Integrated Sensors for Inspection, Mapping, & Lidar Applications

Not just an aircraft, the IF1200A has numerous fully-integrated payloads. Tightly integrated sensors allow operators to efficiently and safely get their job done, driving large increases in operational efficiency and cost savings over the impressive 5+ year projected lifetime of the system.

Safe & Capable

The SAFE drone™ capability allows the IF1200A to maintain safe and controlled flights, even in the extremely unlikely event of a motor failure. The IF1200A is able to alert the operator to land immediately and remain in a safe manual flying configuration, providing the ultimate piece of mind to operators with valuable payloads and/or underlying assets.

  • 23-43 Minute Flight Time
  • 19.1 lbs. Max Payload Weight
  • Max Air Speed 56 mph (25 m/s)
  • Service Ceiling
    (with given payload) 12,800 ft w/ 4 kg, 7,200 ft w/8.7 kg
  • Featured Payloads (not included)
    • Workswell WIRIS Enterprise
    • Phase One P3
    • SONY A7R
    • Lidar
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