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Dive into the future of underwater exploration with FIFISH Remotely Operate Vehicles (ROVs), the best-in-class ROVs designed to provide optimal diving performance and extended operating time for any underwater mission.
Rediscover the sea and reach new depths of underwater exploration with the versatile FIFISH Remotely Operate Vehicles (ROVs). Optimized to excel in various challenging aquatic environments, these cutting-edge ROVs open up a world of possibilities for diverse underwater applications. From stunning cinematography to conducting vital ocean exploration and offshore maintenance tasks, the FIFISH ROVs provide unmatched power and flexibility, diving to depths beyond the reach of other ROVs on the market and capturing critical data with incredible precision and efficiency.

Explore the next generation of aquatic drone technology with the

True Freedom of Movement

Discover a new dimension of subaquatic robotics with FIFISH ROVs. Experience groundbreaking 360° omnidirectional mobility, enabling you to perform rolls, flips, and effortlessly position the drone at any angle as you navigate the ocean.

Professional Filming Solutions

The QYSEA FIFISH 4K underwater camera lenses are specially designed and built to handle a wide range of challenging underwater conditions. From the calm depths of tranquil reefs to the dynamic movement of bustling marine ecosystems, these lenses are a testament to QYSEA's commitment to delivering exceptional performance and unrivaled visual clarity. Each lens is carefully constructed to ensure the utmost precision and resilience, allowing you to capture the underwater world in all its stunning detail.

Subaquatic Applications
Across Multiple Industries

FIFISH underwater ROVs are optimized to handle a multitude of scenarios and applications across different challenging subaquatic environments, including:

FIFISH ROVs provide a safe and stable solution for farmers to monitor and assess their stock.


FIFISH ROVs offer a unique opportunity to explore up close the various behaviors of ocean life.

Film & Photography

FIFISH ROVs deliver a user-friendly and ready-to-go solution for capturing cinematic underwater footage with superb quality, featuring noise reduction technology that captures the vivid and true colors of the ocean.

Offshore Maintenance

With their compact size, FIFISH ROVs fit easily into the small spaces of submerged structures and perform reliable inspections, utilizing their 360° omnidirectional abilities. Maritime: FIFISH ROVs are highly-capable and equipped for shipyard inspections and provide a safe, ready-to-go, and efficient solution for hull check-ups.


FIFISH ROVs are highly-capable and equipped for shipyard inspections and provide a safe, ready-to-go, and efficient solution for hull check-ups.

Search & Recovery

FIFISH ROVs provide a safe, efficient, and portable solution for a range of underwater search and rescue operations, with tools suitable for both the commercial and consumer markets.

Ocean Science

With FIFISH ROVs, users can safely and efficiently conduct detailed underwater scientific explorations, as well as utilize the ROVs as an essential tool in providing education across the fields of science, technology, and engineering.

Defense & Security

FIFISH ROVs can quickly identify and prevent harmful underwater-related threats.

Marine Conservation

FIFISH ROVs are important assets for quietly and safely monitoring marine environments without disruption or damage to the delicate aquatic ecosystem.



Extend your reach, power, and capabilities with the FIFISH V6s. A 360°omnidirectional 4K underwater drone, the FIFISH V6s combines all of the award-winning features of the FIFISH V6 with a substantial upgrade in battery capacity and the addition of a compact and powerful robotic claw.

  • Fully-powered robotic arm
  • Enhanced battery capacity – 60% more power than the V6
  • Operate up to 6 hours in a within single dive




Operate and explore without boundaries with the FIFISH E-EGO. A professional-class, fully-modular, multi-functional and high-performance OMNI 4K underwater operational robot, the E-GO represents the next-generation of underwater operational robots with a 30% increase in speed and 50% increase in improved kinetic energy efficiency from previous generations.

  • New Ring-wing design with anodized aluminum alloy blades
  • 360° omnidirectional movement and hovering capability
  • 176° ultra-wide-angle reconnaissance camera
  • Industry-leading brightness of 10,000 lumens
  • Dual hot-swappable battery system


FIFISH V6 Expert

The FIFISH V6 EXPERT is a top-tier ROV and versatile multi-tool designed to elevate your underwater missions and operations. This exceptional ROV is equipped with the option for an onshore power supply system, ensuring peak diving performance and extended operational endurance.

  • Multi-tool extension capability
  • VR intelligent head tracking
  • 4K low noise shooting for cinematic clarity
  • Ultra-bright 6000 lumen LED lights
  • Micro SD card for fast transfer & storage
  • 14400mAh super-capacity battery


V6 Plus


The FIFISH PRO V6 PLUS is an expert in advanced underwater solutions. With a diving depth of 150 meters and the all-new integration of the innovative QYSEA Q-motor stabilization system, the PRO V6 PLUS easily elevates the efficiency and effectiveness of your underwater operations.

  • Intelligent distance & altitude lock
  • Real-time location data (optional add-on)
  • 360° omnidirectional movement
  • Onshore power supply system (optional add-on)
  • AR ruler & laser scaler
  • VR intelligent head tracking
  • Ultra-bright 6000 lumen LED lights
  • Upgraded Q-Motor power system



The FIFISH PRO W6 is an industrial-class ROV platform, equipped with the powerful and patented Q-Motor system, a diving depth of 350 meters, powerful operating features and tools, and an intelligent stabilization system against strong currents. The PRO W6 uses an innovative modular design and interface that enables seamless attachments, replacements, and removal of parts and accessories for a wide range of industrial underwater applications.

  • 5x Q-IF interface ports for multi-tool integrations
  • Station lock system (optional add-on)
  • Identify structures & landscapes with sonar imaging (optional add-on)
  • Real-time location data with the Quick Positioning System (U-QPS) (optional add-on)
  • Intuitive sonar array system (optional add-on)
  • Onshore power supply system (optional add-on)
  • Powerful & removable lithium battery
  • Innovative dual 4K camera
  • Laser Scaler, Distance Lock Module & Compass Ruler

PRO Zen1


Pairing the charm of cinematic film and television production with a professional-class ROV platform, the FIFISH PRO Zen1 is the ultimate cinematic underwater ROV. Featuring multi-tool attachment capabilities and integrated camera housing, the Zen1 gives you the freedom and capability to capture every detail you need to create a compelling story.

  • Compatible with DSLR cameras
  • 100-meter depth rating
  • On shore adjustment on camera parameters
    Immersive control using VR equipment
    Quick battery replacement and long-lasting operation
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