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Volatus Drones Program Guidance

Our in-house drone experts are here to guide you through every step of crafting a customized UAV program to align seamlessly with your operational needs.

Supports Your
UAV Program
At Volatus Drones, we’re not just drone enthusiasts – we’re your dedicated partners in achieving aerial excellence. Our in-house drone technology experts are committed to walking you through each step of establishing a successful UAV program, ensuring you make informed decisions for your organization’s success. As a prominent distributor and integrator of drone platforms, solutions, and programs across North America and globally, we’ve perfected a seamless approach to get your UAV program in the air.

Your Customized UAV Program Journey

Our process begins with a personalized consultation led by one of our enterprise solutions specialists. We dive deep into your industry landscape, organizational challenges, and the specific goals you want to accomplish with your drone program. By understanding your unique needs, we lay the foundation for a program that caters precisely to your business objectives.

Navigating the Possibilities

Once we're well-acquainted with your requirements, we'll navigate you through a range of potential platforms, software solutions, and payloads that perfectly suit your mission. As a part of this process, we'll also explore financing options, ensuring you maximize the value of your UAV rollout.

Crafting Your Fleet

With the path set, it's time to select the platforms that will propel your program forward. Our experts will guide you through crucial considerations, including adherence to all Civil Aviation (FAA and Transport Canada) regulations, ensuring a smooth procurement process, and mitigating any potential obstacles.

Facilitating Integration

Bringing your vision to life requires collaboration from all fronts. Our team will facilitate the integration process, ensuring seamless backend incorporation and providing comprehensive training for your field teams and pilots. As the pieces fall into place, you'll be well-prepared for a successful program launch.

Taking Flight

Now, the culmination of our collective efforts – your drone program goes live! Your fleet is fully operational, equipped with the latest firmware updates, and your pilots are ready to soar. Our experts remain in touch to address any inquiries or challenges, ensuring a smooth takeoff and continued success.

Ongoing Support & Guidance

Your journey with Volatus Drones doesn't conclude at launch. We stand by your side, offering ongoing maintenance, repair services, and comprehensive fleet management. Our support programs are meticulously designed to sustain your program's success over the long haul. Volatus Drones aims to be more than just a supplier; we want to be your trusted partner throughout your drone journey.

At Volatus Drones, we recognize each industry faces unique challenges and requirements when choosing the perfect drone.
With an in-house team of drone experts with real-world mission experience across every sector, we can help you identify the best drone platforms and solutions that align with your specific goals.


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